More and more businesses are being transacted on the virtual space. Still, there remain businesses which you cannot [and may never be able to] transact over the internet say, fixing your hair. It is most unlikely that you’ll ever be able to fix your hair remotely.

You will [most likely] have to seek out the services of a hair stylist for this purpose. As a business owner say, of a hair salon, think about how many times women make their hair within the space of a month and then consider the amount of injustice you do to your business if say, you cannot retain the customers [or prospects] who need your services.

And this has nothing to do with your proficiency with hair making, it has more to do with the kind of service you provide to your customers; from the welcome your customer gets to the kind of care your staff gives to the towel they spread across the back a customer’s tender skin, to the cleanliness of your space…..I could go on and on.

What is important to know is that whatever your business type [and whatever the platform you operate from] the cheapest way to sabotage the profitability of your business is to pay little or no attention to the very people who patronize or have potential to patronize your business.

Sadly you see this is the case in many business environments and you wonder why these business operators went into business in the first place or if they ever think of improving their profitability or just content getting by.

Absentee business owners [as with people who hold regular jobs but operate businesses by the side] need to do more than just visit their business premises once in a forth night. They need to device means of gaining insight into the quality of service their employees are delivering to their customers because sadly, people do what you inspect not what you expect [Steve Davies]. 

I recall a trial visit I made to some salon a while back.  I had hoped to check if they could ‘deliver the goods’ with respect to plaiting my daughter’s hair. Forget about the fact that the stylist wasn’t certain if she had space for my little daughter only deciding to change her mind on this without particularly needing any clarification from any other quarter. What I found most uncomfortably distasteful however was her physical harshness [as opposed to being tender and soft] as she attended to my little girl. As I sat across the stylist chair were my daughter sat, I watched as this stylist carelessly tossed my daughter’s head in many different directions, an act she checked only when I raised caution flags…my nine year daughter started to cry! Only the uncertainty of finding another salon close by kept me from prematurely dragging my daughter out of the salon…

There were no surprises, once we exited the hair salon, my daughter asked that I never take her back there again…She needn’t ask, I have enough sense not to make a repeat of such painful experience.


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